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1st Annual Centex Pants vs Pumps Party

1st Annual Centex Pants vs Pumps Party

Saturday, December 17, 2011
at to be determined .....

Austin, Texas

Posted by Ashley Castro

Ever watch the Real L Word Season 2?! Then you know about the Pants vs Pumps Party well its time to bring that event to Austin Texas!

This event will consist of one big lovely field event full of hott girls!

Please contact Ashley Castro ,Michelle Teller (Spyder), or Heather Mancias if you are interested or simply just attend.

Since Lipstick is now getting in on the fun we would like to ask all participants to make their own t-shirts Pumps (PINK) and Pants (BLUE) and please bring $5 to participate. All proceeds will go 100% directly to OUT an organization that helps gay teens who are homeless. Lets help these kids out!

Also this will be a tournament style competition. There will be 8-10 ppl per team. If you have your team in mind please let Ashley Castro, Michelle Teller, or Heather Mancias know we will then match up the teams closer to the date.

If you do not have 8-10 ppl in your team dont worry we will put you with one. Just please let us know if you are a Pant or Pump.

All Pants will compete against each other leaving one Pant and all Pumps will compete against each other leaving one Pump. Those 2 will then compete for the ulitmate bragging rights of the Pants Vs Pumps.

Pants- knows how to use a hammer usually the butch one in the relationship.

Pump-wears heels and is usually the girly girl

So who is going to win Pants or Pumps!?

All lesbians welcome this is an open event we just please ask that you let us know who will be attending.

So far we have:
-3 legged race in heels
-tug of war
-oil wrestling
-freestyle dance off/lap dance contest
-relay race- change of clothes from pumps to pants and vice versa
-pole in the hole - toilet paper/plunger race
-inflatable obstacle course for the relay race
-flip cup relay

LIPSTICK24 has decided to help out in the event and will be hosting the after party. For one night only lipstick will be 18 and up.